What if your spouse and kids could help you declutter?

(or at least not hinder your efforts)

What if you could make a significant impact on the clutter in shorter spurts?

(even if you have a job outside of the home or you are overwhelemed)


Calm Your Home

a realistic approach to clearing clutter even if you're the only minimalist in the making in your home.

Introductory Price For You

You have been asking me for advice on where to start with decluttering, how to get your family to support your efforts, and how to keep your home tidy after you've minimized.This course was created just for you!! I'm offering this first version at an introductory price, so I can get YOUR feedback before I release the final version.

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A Plan

focused action

If you've ever felt like you don't know where to start, this is for you. This class teaches you what to focus your efforts on first, so you don't feel like you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Easy to Implement

get into the flow

If you have ever felt like you are consumed with all the things that need to be done (the cleaning, organizing, managing of stuff , people and time) you will find the suggestions in The Flow section to be particularly helpful.

Keep it That Way


In order to maintain your home this way, I offer a few keep strategies that will allow you to keep it tidy... even if you are the only minimalist that lives in your home.


games to minimize together

As a special bonus, I'm including 4 minimizing games that you can use to help get your family to start releasing their death grip on "things". The point is that these games are motivating and fun!

Let's Do This

Finally step away from "the clutter cycle" and minimize your home once and for all.

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